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We Provide Innovative AND
Cost-Effective Industrial Solutions

We are specialized in the Pharmaceutical Industry , Food Industry, HVAC Fields,  Fire Protection Systems ,  Pluming Fields, Electrical Fields, Industrial Utilities and More.


United Group Engineering and contracting (UG Alex) was founded in 2002 by Mr.Mostafa Ali and Eng.Khalid Abou Youssef; who have a significant number of years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Engineering & HVAC fields, as an expertise company to provide design, engineering and contracting services in electric and mechanical fields.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

We are working on satisfying our clients with our quality and our commitment in progress and implementation.

What make us  different

innovative engineering

A leading company
specialized in design and construction of modular manufacturing facilities.

exceptional service

Assure the maximum support to projects in order to eliminate risks in the working areas.


UG Alex performs periodical internal audits in order to ensure and guarantee that the Quality Management System.


It is thus the most important and direct meter of delivered quality and the customer’s perception of quality.


Our new Solid dosage establishment was done by United Group in 2009 and we had them back for HVAC upgrading for our production area since we trust their work to be of high quality.

Mr. Ahmed Zagloul
Otsuka Egypt(C.O.E deputy)

United Group Upgraded our HVAC systems for Rivo, Aerosol, Suppositories and karbotrina factories.

Dr. Faten El-Refaai
ADCO Pharma(Holding company)

From 2002 up till now in 2011 the waiving and dyeing factories are working just fine, United Group had an experienced and hardworking team.

Eng. Said Ahmed
Nile Linen(Owner & C.E.O)

Since 2003 United Group Finished the factory, there has been no problems with the factory’s performance, that’s why Borg Pharma decided to also contract United Group for the new extension site establishment in 2011.

Dr. Hisham Hagr
Brog Pharma(C.E.O)

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